The team behind the Artist's music dream

Management Bio

Introduction: GBD Management Group, takes pride in what we do and refuse to be satisfied until Client's like Hec Da Kid (aka. BabyFace Nelson) reach their industry mark. GBDMG provide career guidance and leadership. Get a FREE One Hour Service Consultation Today!

Mission: GBDMG provides competent representation and quality services for aspiring entertainers. It shall satisfy the needs of its Clients and the demands of their Customers. Our firm uses viable tools, industry tactics, professional fundamentals, and principles of management to accelerate professional entertainment careers.   

Objective: GBDMG does focus on bringing entertainment industry change to fruition by using client/company creativity, good business execution, and higher learning to achieve the best results.  

Goal: GBDMG's long-term priority is to develop a household brand, image, and reputation among lead management firms while gaining the confidence of the Community and future Clients who are deemed to be intelligent and gifted.  

Action: GBDMG does employ, contract, and partner with like-minded individuals and entities to accomplish this mission, objective, and goal.

Finally, if you are a talented artist, actor, athlete, or a qualified individual looking for career opportunities we invite you to explore our company features, incentives, and benefits. Please submit your career portfolio, product samples, or resume to us for review today.